Thursday, 28 September 2017

Indian Escort Services in Ajman-00971505783457

you read that right. Ajman, the capital of the Ajman Emirate of the United Arab Emirates along the Persian Gulf, now is populated by Indian women. Although, prostitution in United Arab Emirates is not legal, it attracts many foreigners and the UAE is gaining popularity as the one of the most well-known destinations for sex tourism. These tourists arrive frequently from Europe, Post-Soviet states, Far East and other Middle Eastern countries.
The United States department had classified the UAE as ‘tier-2’ in its annual Trafficking in Persons report which does not make it urgent enough to curtail the occurrence of it but it is creating enough reasons to keep in check.
However, Indian Escort Services inAjman are growing as we see 30,000 or more sex workers working currently in Dubai. The infamous Islamic austerity and intolerance for all things morally ‘wrong’ must be a sham since sex is up for sale in most bars shockingly inspite of the strict laws and regulation. Local women may be hidden out of view under their burkhas in bright daylight but inside bars, brothels and clubs, there are hundreds and thousands of scantily clad women under the dim glow of neon lights in the night.
These call girls are found in hotels and provided with quite a spread of dishes in buffets. The clients feast lavishly without any external disturbance. The police turn a blind eye to such occurrences and the level of acceptance of these activities from the clients as well as Islamic Authorities is astonishing. Older Indian aunties in Ajman have been found working too as it is good money with the clients generously showering clients with money, gift certificates and shopping coupons.
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Our Rates:-
AED 1000 -Fee for 1 hr 1 Session
AED 1500 - Fee for 2 hours 1 session
AED 2000 Fee for 4 Hours 2 sessions
AED 3000 Fee for Full Night.

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